Pano for Android 1.1.4a

Create creative panoramic pictures


  • Can combine up to sixteen images
  • Simple to use


  • Specific use
  • Quality can depend on camera


Rather than offer numerous photo editing options, Pano is a simple picture taking app that combines up to sixteen separate images and seamlessly edits them together. The focused approach of Pano ensures that if taken correctly, the resulting panoramic image will be impressive.

Utilizing the existing camera, Pano uses these images. The quality of the images depends on the camera, but the app offers enough help to assist so the images roughly match each other. Images can be taken in portrait or landscape. In landscape, Pano offers a ghost image for users to guide their pictures with. This ghost image also helps overlap images so when they are merged, the program can adjust and correct any small imperfections.

Pano also natively geo-tags images so they can be located on a map. It is a positive because users can be reminded of where exactly the image was created. It is a small function that can lead friends to scenic locations that might otherwise be difficult to locate.

It may be a one-purpose app, but Pano is among the best panoramic picture apps available. There is a large space for experimentation with Pano beside the simple nature panoramic picture and creative users will be able to show off a lot more with practice.

Pano may be simple, but the ability to combine sixteen images can create huge backdrops.

Improvements on stitching photos Resolved compatibility issues with LG Optimus


  • Improvements on stitching photos Resolved compatibility issues with LG Optimus


Pano for Android 1.1.4a

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